Introduction of member of Matsumoto Kiyoshi group service

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It is where anytime, but
With your style
We enjoy shopping!

Member of Matsumoto Kiyoshi group,
On shop and website shopping
Member service to make fun more.
Past point and member information
Just summarize in one
You can use.

Shop is a lot near
New service

When we register shop to use well with my store,
Check of sale information
Hold, back order service
We can use.
From website product
When we reserve and order
It is speedier than delivery,
Shipping and handling is advantageous without taking!

More happily for convenience

In addition to past contents,
Product review was added.
We can find product which oneself had in reference to product review.
We send information to be useful for health and beauty more to column.

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Person who enrolls in member of Matsumoto Kiyoshi group newly
Person who has cash reward card, members credit card
Various Matsukiyo on-line services who has ID