Usage guide

Website use guide of Matsumoto Kiyoshi

In Matsumoto Kiyoshi, shopping provides service becoming convenient happily.

  • We enroll in member of group
  • We transfer ID of formula mail order site
  • We give family sign-in, family point
  • We register favorite product
  • We receive product which performed order (the settlement) in online store at store
  • We check history of shopping
  • We review product
  • String attaches cash reward card members credit card
  • We transfer information of point reading access point application (wallet mobile phone /FeliCa)
  • We register my store
  • We reserve product and order from website
  • We do shopping in online store
  • We check history of point

To to want to know in detail

In addition, please see question that Matsumoto Kiyoshi wanting to know shop and website, online store, service in detail happens quite often.