Point guide

Matsukiyo point which is advantageous so as to do shopping

¥100 = one point
What is Matsukiyo point?
100 yen = one point collects at every shopping in Matsumoto Kiyoshi.
By shopping amount of money of this month, point stage of the next month, the next fiscal year improves! As much as we do shopping, the points become easy to collect.
Point that we saved is available in payment of shopping and wonderful prize exchange.

We save point smart

Advantageous application-limited coupon
  • App Store
  • Google play
Matsumoto Kiyoshi formula application appearance!
We do not need reward card if there are any these!
We save point by shopping and confirm anytime and reach to advantageous coupon. It is application with shopping in Matsumoto Kiyoshi as more convenience.
The Matsukiyo points collect by "smartphone wallet" application and are usable!
By "smartphone wallet" application
The Matsukiyo points collect and are usable!
Matsumoto Kiyoshi reward card is appearance in application "smartphone wallet" where a certain various cards are gathered up in wallet! We can check advantageous information of the companies together, too!
1 to save
Matsumoto Kiyoshi
Cash reward card
Reward card which is clogged up with purchase of cash
2 to save
Matsumoto Kiyoshi members credit card
Credit card which is full of advantageous privileges
3 to save
Edy de Matsukiyo point
Convenient Rakuten Edy service that the points collect any place other than the shop
4 to save
WALLET point is collected shop of Matsumoto Kiyoshi in
5 to save
d point
The d points collect, and shop of Matsumoto Kiyoshi is held up

We use point that we saved

If, per 100 yen, one point of cash point point collect…
Usage of Matsumoto Kiyoshi point
Point that we saved is available in payment of shopping in Matsumoto Kiyoshi and discount.
In addition, member of group can trade with wonderful prize and partner point.
  • JAL mile and exchange
  • Edy mile plus